Stop the Brutal Surgical Sterilization of Wild Horses in Oregon
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IDA In Defense of Animals
June 2018

NOTE: If you care about wild horses and are not vegan, you promote these kinds of abuses to wild horses that are endorsed and paid for by the meat industries.


The Bureau of Land Management recently proposed to begin sterilization "experiments" on wild horse mares in Oregon. The proposed experiments entail manually ripping a mare's ovaries out using a medieval rod-like device with a chain on the end. This painful and unnecessary procedure will subject wild horse mares to invasive pain... the risk of infection, hemorrhaging, and evisceration of their intestines.

Please CONTACT Lisa Grant at the Bureau of Land Management in Burns, Oregon telling her that as a taxpayer and person who cares about horses, you are outraged that the BLM is considering pursuing such inhumane and wasteful experiments on wild horses and urge her to abandon this proposed experiment in favor of using proven, cost-effective and humane fertility control methods for wild horse mares.

Lisa Grant
BLM Burns District Office
28910 Hwy 20 West
Hines, OR 97738
(541) 573-4400
[email protected]


brutal sterilization


In fact, the procedure is so dangerous that in 2013 the National Academy of Sciences advised that the risk of prolonged bleeding and infection makes this procedure inadvisable. This risky and invasive experiment makes absolutely no sense, especially because the proven and humane PZP vaccine for wild horse fertility control is readily available. We can't let this happen!

The BLM appears to have deliberately avoided public input and scrutiny into this proposed inhumane experiment by notifying the public of its plan only a week before the end of the 2-week public comment period, depriving the public an opportunity to comment on the impacts of this procedure and suggest more humane alternatives.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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