Justice for Raccoons and Opossum Drowned in Classroom
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org


ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund
June 2018


Earlier this year, a Florida teacher gathered his students for a disturbing lesson: they were going to kill two raccoons and an opossum that the teacher had trapped. Dewie Brewton took a group of students outside, where he lowered the animals still in cages into trash cans filled with water. He even had the students use metal rods and garden hoses to drown a raccoon who was fighting for her life. It made me sick to my stomach, a mother of one of the students told the media. Its terrible. It still does make me sick to my stomach.

And yet Brad King, the state attorney assigned to the case, decided not to file charges against Brewton, incorrectly stating that Florida law allows for this kind of killing even though veterinary professionals agree that drowning is inhumane. This is unacceptable. Were demanding that Florida Governor Rick Scott reassign the case to another state attorney as Florida law allows and we need your help.

Please sign our petition to Governor Scott right now so that we can send the strongest message possible that animal abuse will not be tolerated. If we can persuade the governor to assign the case to a new state attorney, these tortured animals might get a second chance at justice. And well be making clear that animal cruelty should be punished in Florida.


And/OR better yet, make direct contact:

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
(850) 488-7146



To Governor Rick Scott:

I urge you to reassign the case of Florida teacher Dewie Brewton from State Attorney Brad King to another Florida State Attorney.

This is a case of extreme cruelty both towards the animals who were slowly, painfully drowned, and towards the children who were compelled to witness and even participate in the abuse.

Justice demands that you reassign this case to another State Attorney who can fairly and impartially evaluate and prosecute this case.


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Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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