OPPOSE Endorsement by Veterinarians of Brutal Form of Wild Horse Sterilization and the Killing of Wild Horses and Wild Burros
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IDA In Defense of Animals
July 2018


The American Association of Equine Practitioners has released a draft position paper endorsing both sterilization and unrestricted sale (slaughter) of America's wild horses and burros! For veterinarians who have taken their oath for "the protection of animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering..." this is unconscionable.

We must act now to let this organization know it must immediately redraft its position paper to remove these savage plans for wild horses.

horse sterilization

1...Complete and send and then share THIS ONLINE PETITION.

2...Call the AAEP office at (800) 443-0177 and ask the person who answers your call to relay your message to the Association's executive staff and its Board of Directors.

Talking Points:

I would like the AAEP endorsements for permanent sterilization and unrestricted sale removed from your recent paper entitled Position on the Management of Wild Horses and Burros in the Western United States. You must remove these two endorsements if you are to uphold your Veterinarian Oath to protect animal welfare and prevent animal suffering. It is time for the the American Association of Equine Practitioners to TAKE A STAND and declare they are an equine PROTECTION organization and NOT a tool of animal-abusing 'livestock' industries!


This particular spay procedure is torturous and often life-threatening.

Ovariectomy via colpotomy is widely considered to be dangerous for domestic mares, and exponentially so for wild horses. Donald Moore, DVM, of Fruita, Colorado says that, "In private practice, colpotomy is considered an inferior procedure with likelihood of post-surgical infections and complications." He goes on to state that the post-operative care necessary, "cannot be accomplished with wild mares."

The mortality and complication rate in previous "experiments" on wild horses and burros is high, all with the coinciding suffering of the animals involved.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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