End the $100 Million Subsidy to New Jersey Horse Racing
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org


Patrick Battuello, Horseracing Wrongs
December 2018


If you love racehorses if you love animals PLEASE be a voice for the racehorses and/or be a voice for your community.

This Bill is going backwards, is supporting an antiquated business model that has no part in our society.



Democratic Senators Vin Gopal (Monmouth) and Senator Sarlo (Bergen) wants to subsidize New Jersey horse racing by giving them $100 million per year.

Horse racing is a dying and dead business that hasn't been financially sustainable in New Jersey for many years.

While infrastructure and communities are suffering these 2 Senators have made a choice to exploit and possibly kill thousands of racehorses by propping up this industry with millions of dollars.

It seems that both Gopal-Sarlo is in with the wagering firms and will probably get huge financial personal payouts by introducing this bill.

The horse racing industry is CORRUPT TO THE CORE just look at Pennyslvania horse racing and it's ongoing record of corruption.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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