Oppose Washington State bill that proposes moving all the wolves to Bainbridge Island
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org

FROM NARN Northwest Animal Rights Network
February 2019


Itís hard to believe thatís whatís being proposed by this bill from Rep. Joel Kretz (R-Wauconda), Rep. Tom Dent (R-Moses Lake) and Rep. Carolyn Eslick (R-Sultan), who start strong with mention of enthusiasm about wolves in Washington but quickly degrades into what appears to be sarcasm: ďThe ecological, economic, and spiritual benefits wolves have brought to eastern Washington needs to be shared with the rest of the state.Ē

Please contact your local Washington State representative to oppose Bill 1639. This legislation seems like a joke, but itís not funny.


Bainbridge Island "creates a natural border to keep the wolves isolated to an area where they can be protected, studied, and, most importantly, admired by the regionís animal lovers."

Therefore, the state should, "in an effort to perpetuate the species and minimize landowner conflicts, rely on the translocation of wolves as the primary tool for managing wolf-related wildlife interactions in the areas of the state where wolves are naturally occurring."

Oh, and if they create problems? "Lethal removal of wolves must be considered for every four confirmed wolf kills of domestic dogs; for every four confirmed wolf kills of domestic cats; and for every two confirmed wolf kills of children."

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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