Vietnam's Shame: Ban Barbaric Animal Circuses Now!
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April 2019


Heartless trainers keep performing animals desperately hungry so that they can be bribed with food to obey callous commands.

Juggling. Handstands. Walking tightropes. Riding mopeds. The list of humiliating tasks that I have witnessed goes on.

And the suffering doesnít stop once the show is over. This young, skinny bear is dragged back to his tiny, dark prison cell. In an iron cage little bigger than his own malnourished body, he sways furiously from side to side. Afraid, stressed and desperately depressed. No animal deserves this.

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circus Bear


An Animals Asia investigation reveals the devastating suffering, abuse, and violence faced by endangered bears, elephants, and orangutans in Vietnamís shameful circuses.

His eyes wide with fear, an endangered moon bear is bound into a leather muzzle, dressed in a skirt, and forced to ride a motor scooter. The circus handlers whip, never far away, is a cruel reminder of what will happen to this poor bear if he doesnít comply.

This terrorised moon bear is among the many desperate animals living lives of pain, misery, and fear in one of Vietnamís shameful animal circuses.

The daily abuse faced by moon bears, elephants, macaques, and even orangutans, in circuses across Vietnam is undeniableÖ

Caged or chained for long periods. Trained using force, intimidation, and violence. Many animals self-harm due to the intense and inescapable stress they suffer.

Animals Asia is also gravely concerned that many of the endangered species such as moon bears, orangutans, and elephants are undocumented. Meaning they were likely sourced illegally, through poachers or wildlife traffickers.

Yet despite Animals Asia sharing these shocking findings with the Vietnamese government, no action has been taken.

Bolivia, Croatia, Costa Rica, Greece, and most recently Scotland, have joined the ever-growing list of countries to ban cruel wild animal circuses. Now itís time for Vietnam to join them.

Animals Asia stands ready to assist in the rescue of every circus animal in Vietnam. There is a place for the bears in our award-winning sanctuary, and for the elephants at our partner elephant home in Dak Lak.t

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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