Progress: Funding Panel Directs NIH to Cut Primate Testing
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FROM White Coat Waste Project
May 2019


Every year, U.S. government agencies waste undisclosed millions of tax dollars to abuse primates in secretive, crude, and ineffective lab experiments opposed by most Americans. Right now, thousands of primates in federal labs are being addicted to street drugs, crippled, exposed to toxins, drilled into and psychologically tormented.

White Coat Waste Project recently convinced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to end $5.5 million nicotine addiction experiments on monkeys and retire the primates to a sanctuary. And in 2015, the federal government cut funding for all chimpanzee experimentation after it was deemed "unnecessary" and wasteful. Sadly, taxpayer-funded testing on other primates has continued.

Contact your Congress members and urge them to cut funding for all painful primate testing at the NIH and all other federal agencies.

Moby Monkey
Moby, pictured in a now-defunct FDA nicotine testing lab, was retired to sanctuary after a WCW campaign led to the cancellation of the experiments.

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The NIH recently spent taxpayers’ money on primate experiments including:

  • destroying areas of monkeys brains so that they can no longer recognize faces
  • infecting monkeys with HIV-like viruses that cause massive weight loss, major organ failure, and death
  • implanting electrodes into monkeys skulls, placing metal coils in their eyes, and locking them in restraint chairs to watch computer screens before killing them and dissecting their brains
  • exposing monkeys to the Ebola virus, causing pain, fever, vomiting, bleeding, and death

For years, WCW has fought to stop all government primate testing most recently ending $5.5 million nicotine addiction tests on primates at the Food and Drug Administration, which prompted lawmakers to urge FDA to curb the practice overall. WCW’s #GiveThemBack campaign has also been pushing all federal labs to adopt out primates and other animals purchased with tax dollars.

Federal documents analyzed by WCW show that from 2014 to 2018, the NIH’s internal primate use averaged about 7,000 animals each year, including experiments on baboons, marmosets, macaques and other species.

painful testing

During the same five-year period, the NIH’s abuse of primates in painful testing (with pain relief) rose by 35 percent and its use of primates in horrific “maximum pain” experiments where no pain relief is provided rose by a disturbing 300 percent.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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