Demand Prosecution of Law Enforcement’s Animal Fighting Ring
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FROM IDA In Defense of Animals
October 2019


An illegal cockfighting ring based out of Kentucky has recently been exposed due to our collaborative efforts with Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) - SEE PROSECUTE COCKFIGHTERS IN KENTUCKY.

Shockingly, this operation included multiple law enforcement officers who must be brought to justice for illegally forcing roosters to brutally attack one another.

An investigation uncovered two correctional officers responsible for running the “Cuttin’ Up Game Farm” operation and for posting photos of fights they attended on social media. In a cockfight, two terrified roosters are worked up into a frenzy and then pitted against one another.

The two correctional officers, Ronnie Bennet and Kyle Simpson, are employed at the Harlan County Detention Center in Evarts, Kentucky. Three cockfighters affiliated with the officers' syndicate reside in Virginia, making it a possible interstate ring. SHARK relayed the evidence obtained from its investigation to the Kentucky State Police, which falsely claimed that cockfighting isn’t illegal in Kentucky, despite the law stating that its forbidden to make “any animal...fight for pleasure.” Officer Bennett admitted to attending cockfights, but not to participating in them. If true, this means he violated federal law and didn’t act against criminal activity he was aware of.

Please contact Governor Bevin, the FBI, and Kentucky authorities and urge them to prosecute these criminals.

  1. Call Governor Bevin
  2. Kentucky State Police Commissioner
  3. FBI’s Kentucky Office

 You will be directed straight to an operator at the Governor’s and Commissioner’s offices. Press 0 to speak to an operator at the FBI’s office.



This case isn’t only an animal cruelty issue, but also a case of severe corruption. We are calling on the FBI and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin to take action. In 2014, the Governor apologized after attending a pro-cockfighting rally, and he can now prove that the apology was sincere.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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