Please support HR 4348 the PAW and FIN Conservation Act Restoring Endangered Species Act Protections for Imperiled Species
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March 2020


Over 1,600 species are threatened or endangered and at risk of extinction in the wild.

Ask Congress to secure the full recovery of species who urgently need our help. Support passage of HR 4348 – the PAW & FIN Conservation Act.

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Yellowstone Bison


On August 27, 2019 the Trump administration adopted final rules gutting Endangered Species Act protections for recovering threatened and endangered species and the ecosystems upon which they depend for survival.

The Trump administration’s rules:

• Gut the prohibition on “taking” threatened species.

• Remove “recovery” as a basis for delisting a protected species.

• Inject economic considerations into listing species – in contradiction to a legal mandate to only use the best available scientific evidence.

• Limit when an action would be deemed to adversely impact species’ critical habitat.

• Undermine designating critical habitat for recovering species.

• Limit protecting “unoccupied” critical habitat – the range of habitat in which the species is extinct but once occupied.

• Contradict a legal factor by which species may be listed, including the foreseeable harm caused by rapidly rising temperatures and abrupt climate change from fossil fuel pollution.

• Gut biological consultation, in every respect.

• Undermine the national mandate for federal agencies to use their authorities to recover species.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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