Sign Petition: Pass Mexico's Proposed Ban on Cruel Animal, Cosmetic Testing
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FROM Jane Wolfe, Lady
March 2020


Sign Petition to: President of the United Mexican States Andrés Manuel López Obrador

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of innocent animals are force-fed or injected with dangerous chemicals – which burn their eyes and fur, cause convulsions and internal damage, and oftentimes result in painful asphyxiation, neck-breaking or decapitation – for product testing in the cosmetics industry. The world is catching onto this cruelty, and Mexico could be the next country to outlaw this disgusting practice.

If enacted, a new bill passed by the Mexican Senate would prohibit the inhumane and brutal use of animals for testing cosmetics. The new legislation would also outlaw animal-tested cosmetics produced outside of Mexico from being imported into the country.


The bill will now be considered by Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies, and it is crucial that it passes.

By prohibiting cosmetics testing on animals, this new law would save thousands of animals from a torturous death, and Mexico would become the 40th country in the world to ban the horrific practice.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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