Protest Useless Cannabis Mouse Weight Loss Experiment
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FROM SAEN, Progress for Science, Bryan Monell
August 30, 2020

Good News Update September 4:

From Veda: I received an email with a link to their tweet in response to the email I had sent to Cannabis Global Inc.:


SAEN and Progress For Science are hosting this crucial event both ONLINE and IN PERSON to save 35 mice from a useless cannabis study.

FB page



Pershing Square
Friday - September 4, 2020
12 noon - 2 PM



Go to the contact page for Cannabis Global Inc: 
In the subject line type "Useless Mouse Study"

Call Cannabis Global at (310) 986-4929

white Mouse
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Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation CAARE


Cannabis Global Inc (CGI) is testing their cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) on mice in a deeply flawed study to see if it promotes appetite suppression and/or weight loss in humans.
CGI is utilizing, according to their study announcement (, an animal supplier named Taconic Biosciences, who has admitted to multiple violations of federal regulations, many of which involved horrific animal deaths through dehydration, crushing and drowning, to name a few.

The uselessness and waste of life this study entails can not be overstated. Thirty-five specially-bred male mice will be fed treats laced with various levels of THC-V. This study is so contrived that the results will not even be predictive of how THC-V will react in female mice of the same strain, let alone be extrapolated to humans.

This is nothing more than a misguided marketing ploy by CGI. Any results will be misleading at best. SAEN is asking CGI to stop this useless THC-V mouse study immediately and release the mice to a sanctuary.

The public doesn't have an appetite for useless experiments using mice in cannabis weight loss studies.

All animals, regardless of species, have the ability to think, feel and suffer. All animals will move away from pain and life-threatening situations in order to live. They do not “sacrifice” themselves to us willingly. Animals should not be viewed as resources or products but as fellow living beings who share our planet and have the desire and right to live free from inflicted pain, torture, suffering, isolation, forced breeding, exploitation, captivity and murder. As humans, we have the unique ability to impose our will on nature, and it is our ethical duty to choose compassion over cruelty.

For more information on animal experimentation, visit:
— SAEN via
— Progress for Science via

Downloadable FLYER HERE (PDF)

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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