Urge Delta Humane Society to Replace Animal-Abusing Fundraising Fare
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org

FROM UPC United Poultry Concerns
October 2020


The Delta Humane Society & SPCA in Stockton, CA is a no-kill shelter established in 1966. On October 13th, they’re partnering with Victory Grill for a fundraiser featuring BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken. They’re using one group of suffering animals – chickens and calves – to raise money for another group – dogs and cats. Rather than responding to local protests and requests to show compassionate consistency, they are blocking and deleting comments on social media. They need more of a push.

shelter fundraiser

What Can I Do?

Please call or write to the Delta Humane Society & SPCA and urge them to treat chickens, cows and all farmed animals with the “love and compassion” they show their shelter dogs and cats. Their stated mission is “to promote the humane treatment of animals and to promote the bond of caring between humans and animals.” Ask them please to either cancel this inhumane fundraiser or, better yet, change the fundraiser menu to a compassionate, animal-free menu.


[email protected]
(209) 466-0339
Facebook: facebook.com/DeltaHumaneSociety
Twitter: twitter.com/DeltaHumaneSPCA
Website: www.deltahumanesociety.org

Hens in trees
Hens in trees... image from UPC Sanctuary...

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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