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In the name of Christ the Good Shepherd as well as that of St Francis Of Assisi, a patron saint of Catholicism, ‘blessings upon the animal rights activists of Spain. God and goodness are on your side. Upon you the Son of Righteousness shines this very day!’

But as for those priests who encourage de-sensitivity towards more vulnerable life than their own, let the wrath of God fall! I refer to all those clerics who encourage their flock to become hardened towards defenceless life, for they are the hypocrites Jesus warned about in the holy gospels. Such leaders go around morally picking out gnats as they swallow moral camels whole. Is not this the case where the professed church opposes contraception - even for overpopulated families living in poverty! - classing it as mortal sin? Yes, but meanwhile blessing the barbaric suffering endured by animals at the bullfights. Indeed, one thinks of the grotesque practice that was held today in Tordessillas where they hurled spears until the poor, defenceless creature’s life expired.

Indeed, that practices such as the above were, supposedly, held in honour of Our Lady is surely nothing but sheer blasphemy in the teachings of past catholic theology! As for bullfighting in general, Pope Pius the fifth as far back as 1567 forbade them; threatened all who organised them with excommunication; and forbid church funerals to any who were killed in the rings.

That the church hierarchy of Spain should now allow it – indeed, encourage it – is, surely, an affront to all decency. It is nothing less than a wilful way of playing down the cardinal virtues for exercising compassion and care towards more vulnerable life than one’s own. Nay more! It is to open the floodgates encouraging the dormant sadism of a ‘fallen humanity’, to be fanned and fuelled with demonic results.

By such barbaric and grotesque traditions as bull fighting the Catholic church in Spain is not only sinning against helpless animals over which we are called of God to exercise a caring guardianship and stewardship, but it is also corrupting young and pliable minds. I mean that instead of following the example of saints such as Francis Of Assisi, they are now being brainwashed, via the corrida, to believe that exploiting forms of life weaker than ones own is ‘expected every day behaviour for the churches faithful’.

Animal rights activists of Spain, Take heart this day for YOU are the true followers of Christ. ‘You are the very salt of the earth’. Did He not say: ‘Blessed are you who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for yours is the kingdom of Heaven’? Remember always that He was chosen of His heavenly Father to be born in a stable, between an ox and an ass, in preference to a palace! That the ones singled out to learn of His birth and to first meet Him were animal protectors: - shepherds watching over their flocks by night! That when He began His ministry thirty years later, He identified His character with a good shepherd willing to seek out strayed animals and, if necessary, lay down His life for them!

Yes - and last but not least – Jesus first and greatest act of militancy was to liberate animals that were being sold in the temple for ritual slaughter via ‘money changers’. He stated that His heavenly Father demanded mercy rather than sacrifice. Consequently He overturned the tables of those who sold even the doves for slaughter; and then, with a whip, He drove out the animals (liberating them), along with the human hypocrites who’d made a fortune out of such a retrograde practice.

So to you folk out in Spain who fight for animal liberation I say: ‘Christ the Good Shepherd is smiling down upon you today’ Your cause is also His! St Francis of Assisi is also cheering you from heaven! So are others:- St Anthony Of Padua, St Brendan, St Colman, St Columba, St Cuthbert, St Giles, St Hubert, St Jerome, St Kevin, St Malo , St Mellangell, St Werburgh, - and all these are but to name a few.

So ‘God bless each and every one of you; and always remember that you are nearer to victory than you may ever realise!

Your friend & fellow activist,
Rev. Fr James Thompson - the animals’ padre

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