HymnsCreator God, You Have Conferred - Hymn 12
Hymns From Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse

Creator God, you have conferred
On fallible humanity
Dominion over beast and bird
And all that moves on land and sea;
Lord, help us ever to recall
You made them all, you love them all.
The stabled cattle first adored
The new-born Christ on Christmas morn,
And on a donkey was the Lord
Triumphant to his passion borne;
God, living on the earth he made,
Scorned not those humble creatures' aid.
But humans in their vanity
Assume the world to be their own,
And with their mindless cruelty
They make the whole creation groan;
Lord, help us ever to recall
You made all creatures great and small.
For all your creatures make us care,
Impatience help us to restrain,
Remembering that with us they share
Our need of love, our fear of pain,
And grant us skill and gentleness
To succour them when in distress.
Bring near, O Lord, that perfect day
Of loving-kindness, peace and joy,
When none shall on another prey
And none shall injure or destroy,
And in a world from sin set free
All creatures live in harmony.

Written by Arthur R. Day
Could be sung to ‘Melita’ (88.88.88.)

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