HymnsWe Pray, O Lord, for Blessing - Hymn 18
Hymns From Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse

We pray, O Lord, for blessing
On all remembered here,
The beasts of farm and woodland,
And pets whom we hold dear;
For hunted fox and badger,
For otter, pheasant, hare,
Ill treated horse and donkey
Who have no proper care.
O stir our conscience strongly
To stop experiment
On dogs and cats and rabbits,
For those on beauty bent;
O spare these lives so harmless
Who die for human gain,
And give them peace from suffering,
Release them from their pain.
We pray for all the seal pups
So cruelly clubbed to death
While gazing at their killers
With trust, to their last breath;
O make men feel compassion
For all created life,
So we and your creation
Shall be no more at strife.

Written by H. Joan Chaplin
Could be sung to "Aurelia" (

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