HymnsLoving Shepherd of Creation - Hymn 37
Hymns From Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse

Loving Shepherd of Creation,
Hear us, as we cry to Thee
In defence of all Your creatures,
Lift the veil, that we might see
How our silence feeds their suffering;
Hunted, tortured and destroyed.
Give us courage, make us fearless,
Speak through us, Your healing word.
Lamb of God, Your wounded nation,
Pains of birth; groans in travail.
Long awaits her liberation,
Halt, the silent scars revealed.
Lift to Heaven our supplications,
Borne on candle’s flickering flame.
Deeds of wickedness exposing,
Witness to God’s saving name.
Jesus, Lord of all Creation,
Send Your Spirit from above.
Let the Dove of Peace embrace us
Gently, as Your Spirit moves,
Bringing healing to this nation,
Turning darkness into light.
Let the flame of love grow brighter,
All Your creatures, Lord unite.

Written by Linda J. Bodicoat
Could be sung to ‘Abbot’s Leigh’ (

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