LambLetter from David Whiting - 28 Nov 2015
Letters From Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse

Thank you for the compliments made to our dear friend Hans Fishinger and my mother nl-2004su-yes.html

I was so saddened to learn from the Internet just now that dear James has passed to higher realms, where I believe he will have been welcomed by his many animal friends. 

It was a privilege to meet Rev. James Thompson during the 22 July 2004 Arlès anti-corrida demo.  Some of my photos below.

The Rev. James speaking with my wife, Maria.  

Alas our little rescued dog is no longer with us, but as in the past, when we are again settled, God will bring us others to care for.  

In the service of Animals,

David Whiting,  
Fréjus, France

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