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Spring 2004 Issue

Called To Witness On The Highways and Byways

Aren't We A Happy Bunch?

I sensed the atmosphere was much more convivial last weekend! A handful of us assembled to protest peaceably outside Marks & Spencer in Llandudno. We were out to support that wonderful organisation called Viva'. - the outcome of a living saint's dedication: Juliet Gellately. Doreen is missing on this snap, along with others. She was the photographer! It shows you that some of us can behave ourselves by protesting quietly and, undoubtedly, with dignity. We're not all yobs, you know! As for Judi who organised it, she appears to be assessing the situation admirably. Isn't it wonderful to be with even a handful of like-minded folk? It reminds me of words of a hymn:

Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.
The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.
We share our mutual woes; our mutual burdens bear.
And often for each other share, a sympathising tear

I tell you, I'm never happier than when in the company of animal rights activists. They are a tonic to one's soul. We complement each other as varying regiments in the one war; and the radiances within our hearts as we 'fight the good fight' are to my mind a foretaste of Glory. Dear Reader, would to God that all who confess the name of Christ might come and join us! Would to God that the hymns I once compiled for the animals might be sung down the main thoroughfares of our towns and cities, as we process in orderly, happy and dignified style. Yes, like the CND once did, while singing: -We shall not be moved'. I tell you, fellow activist: it needs to be done!

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