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Winter Edition: 2004

Here's A Group Of Enthusiastic Militants!

And Here’s Another For Celebration!

The venue was the Capricorn Animal Rescue centre, near Mold. Here a dedicated lady Sheila Stewart, rather literally shares a large part of her home with a super assortment of four legged friends. In the photo Sheila is holding the mascot Basil Brush. Judi Hewitt meanwhile holds a literal foxglove in her hand. And while Sheila is renowned in the press for the animals she rescues,. Judi is known for the letters she tirelessly writes to the press, opposing blood sports Yes, we are celebrating in advance the cessation of blood sports. We all know that victory is now ours It s like Winston Churchhill said - once victory was on the horizon – “this is not the end, but it is the beginning of the end We must not be complacent: but this day we have much cause to rejoice''

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