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From the Autumn 2005 Issue

Am I Too Critical; Or ‘Do I Smell A Rat’?

My apologies to this much-maligned carnivore! Perhaps I should rather ask: ‘Can a leopard change its spots?’ I sense that the world which dishes out prescriptions, via the average GP peddler, is as little concerned in priorities of alleviating human suffering as it is of animal suffering! Their prime driving force could well be – to quote St Peter -, one of ‘filthy lucre’; and far too many politicians are influenced, I sense, by the same bait.

It is curious, indeed, that Britain’s tax funded National Health Service is in such close liaison with this Nation’s Number One Health Hazard: the legalised drug and chemical ‘Mafia’! And further a field – yet looming over us from the Continent - need one wonder that, throughout Europe the humanely produced herbal, homeopathic and mineral supplement outlets are being so subtly suppressed by repetitive recommendations from regimes who advocate yet further animal tested products. Yes, products that they realise create yet further side effects for humans; and, as a consequence, require yet further drug induced medications!

And, once again, the present government at this month’s annual conference has affirmed the probability of tackling Global warming by establishing more nuclear reactors throughout the UK. Well, I sense this is as lacking in foresight as to dump fluoride in to our reservoirs so as to protect youngsters’ teeth, while it builds up carcinogenic residues within all our bodies! Mind you, what is our alternative within the UK to a Tony Blair’s regime? Is it to be a Tory one with a recently retired vice chairman of a vast tobacco consortium at its head? I refer to the 65 year old Pro-European Ken Clarke. If members of his party put him forward as a suitable candidate to become future leader, then what does it say about them? And if the whole party choose him as leader, then what does it say about our main opposition party to the present government? Obviously, not much!

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