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From the Autumn 2005 Issue

Never Be Flippant On Tossing A Coin In Extremity

Well, I was on my own and not without money. Wanting to help him I offered a prayer to God for guidance and reverted to using a coin in the urim and thumin manner of the Old Testament. Having fifty pound in, mostly, five-pound notes – and seeing the fellow walking further in to the distance – I tossed a single coin repeatedly. ‘Heads I give him five pound, and tales I cease from giving him any more. Well – no exaggeration! – I almost got in to a sweat as the notes I’d been guided to give him increased. The car was low in petrol and I’d travelled quite some distance. Well, it was only when I tossed the coin as to what I should do with my last five pound note that God reversed the process and the coin told me to keep the last of those notes for my own imminent need.

I tell you this: we must never gamble or treat God flippantly or lightly; but in times of urgent need such as this one God had clearly told me how much to give to Bradford’s prophet on the last day I met him (now 20 years ago). And, as on previous occasions, he smiled gratefully- though he was at first reluctant to accept this £45 which he said was a lot!. I told him of the tea we’d shared at my humble home over about twenty years previous, and he remembered it more vividly than myself. Well, I may not see this fellow – who’d once been a Salvation Army officer and became a hermit after a broken love affair – on this earth ever again. But, please God, I’ll meet him again in Heaven!.

Friends, there are saints on this earth – they are not of the stained glass variety. They let far more light shine through them! We meet them in the unlikeliest of places; and very many of these ‘down to earth saints’ are amongst the varying regiments of the animal activist movement. I don’t know about yourself, but I’m honoured to be amongst such company; and I’ll let you in to a secret: I sense that You – with all those feelings of a haunting inadequacy - may well be one of them! So – in the words of our Blest Redeemer; yes, and for the many animals too:

‘Take heart little flock. It is the Father’s will to give You of His Kingdom’.

Photo By Judi Hewitt

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