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From the Autumn 2005 Issue

Opportunities Offered Do Not Always Return

There’s a delightful parish church in a small village near Holywell; and just a few yards before it along the same lane of this house of God there is an intensive rearing unit: a veritable animal Treblinka.. I was delighted to be able to officiate at the Sunday morning service; yet I had to be true to God. Consequently, my sermon was centered around our need to protect the animal kingdom; that, but for the grace of God, we could have been born one. Indeed, after the service several folk thanked me for a side of Christianity they had never heard before. Another remarked that he’d never known animals to be prayed for in church before. These cultured country folk appeared most grateful, and especially the children. But for their presence at a family service and I might have publicly slated the animal breeding unit nearby! In a way, I sometimes wish I had done, for I have never been invited back and the opportunity may never return.

You know, these most courteous villagers actually had more innocent blood on their hands – though they certainly didn’t know it – than the past villagers in Dachau during the tyranny of the Third Reich. The fact is, that for the latter to have spoken up against the concentration camp would have resulted in their death. While these were living in a free society, yet saying and doing nothing for the animals sorely exploited in rearing sheds almost adjacent to their village church.

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