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Winter 2005 Issue

Sow Evil & Reap An Epidemic!

When one considers the appalling state in which birds are kept, then is there any wonder that we should have a threatened world epidemic of Asian Flu? I refer not to the third world countries, nor to those that lack a Christian foundation but to those in which the vast majority were initiated in to a branch of Christendom via child baptism.

On one hand one has the Latin countries in mind; civilisations nurtured in to Catholicismís ethics. While elsewhere we have the older Orthodox brand of Christian teaching. Yes, while in the New World we have the teaching of what the original Pilgrim Fathers taught and exemplified. Well, there seems to have been quite a moral lapse within passing centuries.

Photos By Doreen Thompson

Yes, and at no time more marked than in Britainís agricultural heritage with its rapid integration and diversion in to factory farming during the latter part of the last century! For, whereas, there are still parts of Britain surrounded by spacious fields, one will frequently find them deserted; and meanwhile fowl are confined to foul sheds that, more often than not, reek to high heaven. Yes, and nearby one may well have found the culprits who run such animal hellholes running a local church or chapel.

The majority of those who claim to be followers of the Good Shepherd - and delight to sing hymns such as the 23rd Psalm to the delightful tune Crimond! - have become as far removed from a biblical shepherdís compassion towards vulnerable life as was a priest and Levite who passed by an abused victim on the Jerusalem to Jericho Road.

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