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From the Autumn - Winter 2007 Issue

The Superb Work Of NOWALE

What is more, the same picture and inscriptions first appeared in a superb, colourful magazine, which is the work of another two stalwarts: Jim & Lilian Buckner! What this dedicated and now elderly couple have done for the animal cause is no ones business! Sufficient to say that It puts my own efforts quite in to the shade! Come rain or snow, blizzard or sunshine, gentleman Jim and dear Lillian (in photo above) have struggled against increasing ill health ‘to stop the exploitation and live export of defenceless farm animals’. While larger causes draw in the money so as to pay well-remunerated staff, it appears quite inconceivable that the work of smaller groups – which more often than not, do a greater work in comparison – have to struggle on a shoe string. To learn of the work NOWALE so altruistically accomplish – why not send a stamped addressed envelope with a request to learn more about the work they do? Yes, and usually, very much behind the scenes:   Jim & Lillian Buckner NOWALE, Souldern, Bicester. Oxon. OX6 9

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