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From the Autumn - Winter 2007 Issue

Two Animal Blessing Services In One Month!

Yes, this is certainly one way to get our message across, and it can be a wonderful way of instilling in to young minds that the strong must never exploit the weak, but that we who are born in to the guardian species have a tremendous responsibility to care for Ďlesserí species than our own. Again the supreme analogy is in Jesus identifying His character with humble shepherds prepared to lay down their lives for four legged animals.


The top two photos were taken in a local Baptist chapel. The one to the top right is that of a poor creature that had been severely kicked by young thugs and was now recuperating in Capricorn animal sanctuary where Iím patron. The lower photos were taken in a local Parish Church where the dear Vicar has been, well and truly, won over to our cause and we shared the service together..

What is more - wonders never cease! -only yesterday, a Methodist circuit steward has asked, on behalf of his Minister, if I would care to consider holding an animal blessing service in one of  the churches in her busy circuit. This will be another opportunity to further the cause via pulpit, praise and prayer; and not forgetting, of course, a literature stall!

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