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From Winter 2010 Issue

The Bully Boys From Europe: EU LAW

In May 2009 the EU passed a law saying that meat from religious slaughter must be made available. This sadly bypasses the existing laws of countries such as Switzerland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia who had already outlawed Halal and Kosher meats because of the cruelty involved. Well, what are we going to do? Sit on our bottoms! Remain mute, and condone, by such cowardice, the perpetual slaughter of fully conscious animals within UK abattoirs? Well God forbid!

Last year a group of us joined forces to oppose the halal meat slaughtering methods being introduced in to an abattoir at Caernarfon. Indeed, the press coverage was almost nil as, obviously, they did not want to offend the Welsh farmers who were more than delighted to have another market for their intensively produced sheep. And what is even more astounding is that an older breed of such farmers are amongst the leading lights of those frequenting the Welsh chapels of the countryside. Indeed. Quite amazingly, they usually sing with much gusto: ‘The Lord’s My Shepherd’. But they wouldn’t want to think for one moment that The Lord’s dealings over them was in any way synonymous with the way they treat the flocks committed to them!

Woe betides any preachers who dare to touch on the evils of factory farming, intensive breeding, or the evils of either the dairy industry or the battery chicken practices that prevail! Such issues must never be as much as alluded to or indirectly suggested. By all means denounce promiscuity, strong drink, and a whole host of other subjects – but do not touch on unsavoury practices within the farming world! For one thing is sure – and I write from firsthand experience! – If you do, you’ll never be aslked back again! Mind you, it doesn’t only apply to Welsh chapels: a memorable experience occurred to me in an English cathedral.

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