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From Winter 2010 Issue

A Victory For Free Speech In A Suppressive ‘New Labour’ State

What a breath of fresh air to learn about victory for free speech being legally won within a nation that, under New Labour, is becoming as totalitarian and controlling as was Russia under Stalin! Left to its own devices, the ability to openly express one’s opinions over factors as topical and diverse as animal experimentation and sexual deviation, would - under New Labour - swiftly become a major offence. Consequently, concerning the former, a goal for freedom of expression occurred recently in Lancashire. This took place after five highly respectable academics had been unlawfully arrested for not only verbally protesting against vivisection, but for also illustrating some of the procedures used via graphic posters.

High handed police, both within Blackpool as well as Preston, had conceived that showing animals being tortured in labs was tantamount to uncalled for agitation, as well as unacceptable exposure, of practices which were perfectly legal. They blatantly arrested and took in to custody no less than five of them; three of whom possessed bona fide doctorates. Naturally, these caring academics were not impressed. They rightly brought a case against the Lancashire constabulary: one for false imprisonment, and another under the belief that rights of freedom of expression - as well as the right to assemble publicly! - had been violated. ‘Praise God!’ they won their case and an exceedingly red-faced police force not only had to ‘eat humble pie’ but to pay an undisclosed ‘out of court settlement’.

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