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Autumn 2011 Issue

It Isn't Always Simply 'In the Mind'!
See Mark 9:38-40

One of my main interests down the decades has been to study in depth the doctrines and practices of the various Christian persuasions. Indeed, one has sought to be as fair as possible by reading their own books rather than simply those written by their protagonists. Healing ministries are one such consideration and they range from extremes such as those of Spiritualism to so called Divine Deliverance: with Signs Following! Indeed, I’m thankful indeed, that Jesus was much more broadminded in the spiritual sense than are so many who claim to follow Him, yet castigate others who are not the same in doctrine as themselves!  The Disciples once said: “Lord, we found one casting out demons but he was not one of us, so we forbid him” Yes, and Jesus rebuked them for their narrow-minded ness. (             )

Indeed, many who are not of our persuasion have much to teach us and we must never  ‘throw out the baby with the bath water!’ We do well to keep an open mind, and to ‘be as wise as serpents, yet as harmless as doves’. Indeed, many animals have been bountifully blest by the ‘laying on of hands’ from Christian Spiritualists; and their Denomination is much more convinced that animals have souls, than are their many opposing Faiths!  While - to the other extreme - Christian Science, in many quarters, seems to attract more than a share of graduates to its services. Indeed, one of its highly qualified practitioners, on visiting a member asked: “and how is your husband?” The lady replied sorrowfully: “He is very ill!”  “No! no!” corrected the practitioner: “You shouldn’t say that – you should say that he is merely under the illusion that he’s very ill.” “Thanks I’ll remember that!” said the distressed lady and was joyful for the advice.  Well, a few weeks later the practitioner saw the same lady again. “And how is your dear husband now?” she asked.  Reply: “Oh he’s under the illusion that he’s dead!” The moral of the story is that though positive thought has considerable power over the body to heal, pain, nevertheless can be extremely real for both man and beast. Yes, and to deny this is to imply that Christ’s anguish and utter agony on the cross was no more than an illusion. Well, Heaven forbid!

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