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Autumn 2011 Issue

Thoughts On War: John Wesley

This was the title of a short sermon given by the great co. founder of Methodism: John Wesley; and to this modern generation - increasingly no longer orientated towards reading books! - a simple solution is to switch on a computer and ‘simply’ look up YouTube [To view some of my own past TV appearances – for which I’m grateful to Phil – a true saint behind the scenes! - just type in to Google:  animal padre james thompson]. There you’ll find under ‘John Wesley & War’ a gifted young actor representing Wesley and using, at least, part of one of the eighteen-century Revivalist’s sermons on that very theme.

The fact is that John Wesley could not conceive of anything worse than one Christian going in to war to kill a fellow brother in Christ. Yes, the very thought of it was too inconceivable to comprehend and Wesley - who later evolved to become a vegetarian of that time – when so few were about! – quite probably saw the real connection between erecting and using slaughter houses for innocent animals and that of building and using weapons of war against humans conditioned or coerced to think different to ones self. Indeed, the cause of war was frequently no more than one member of a royal circle greedily wanting a little more land than another;: as was the cause of the so-called Great War, better termed Notorious!

‘I stand to be corrected, but I think it was Leo Tolstoy who affirmed that  ‘while ever there are slaughter houses there will be battle-fields’?  Still, how very true! Yet, quite amazingly even the most educated of this world are so often unable to see the clear connection. Little wonder that Jesus could rejoice and say to His Father: “I thank Thee Lord for hiding such things from the wise of this world and for revealing such truths to mere babes.” (Luke 10:21)  The apostle Paul – a past intellectual of standing – affirmed that “‘Not many rich or learned of this world are chosen” and also that “the so-called wisdom of this world is, indeed, foolishness to God!”

The incomprehensiveness of the most academic of this world to see the connection of the above is due to the difference between simple God given wisdom and worldly interpretations of’ academia. Amazingly these facets frequently far from go together! One glaring example is the fruit of our secular education making its effects known only too clearly in recent months. Such thuggery and violence is the rotten fruit of having over indulged secular knowledge in to young rascals while they have received hardly a minimum of moral and spiritual teaching.

Doreen and I - picture snapped earlier this year!

Yes, the shortsightedness of a past Blairite regime – so strongly opposed by Doreen and myself! - resulted in giving the tools to little rascals so as to turn them in to gigantic ones..

Indeed, secularist politicians - of which the past government was riddled through with those proud to be atheists – have had their short-sighted priorities come home to roost Consequently, the present coalition has, well and truly, been encumbered with something it never wanted.

Indeed, Conservatism, on the contrary, has frequently been supportive of state Christianity; and for this reason the Church Of England had been humorously referred to in pre. Blaitite times as the Conservative party at prayer! Little wonder then that our prime minister, Mr Cameron, sees the real need to instil Christian values within state schools. However - like his ilk of past centuries! - he has been nurtured, or rather ‘brainwashed’ in to seeing no harm at all in going out to maim and kill defenceless animals in the name of sport! Yes and consequently, it became but a step away from going out and callously condoning the slaughter of humans whose opinions happened to clash with ones own.

In Wesley’s day, kings who fell out with each other, sent their male subjects to go out and slaughter that king’s enemy. The poor subjects had no say in the matter! However, today one is supposed to live in more democratic lines, yet when that tyrant Blair – a veritable buffoon for that bigger buffoon Bush – decided to start a war, the gutless masses of M.P.s sat back and allowed it all to occur. Yes, and its quite amazing that such past tyrants - once they’ve lost their power - should spend the rest of their days in a style reflective of the last Emperor of Japan or an earlier Kaiser of Germany. Undoubtedly - In a very true sense - the Devil, being the ruler of this world, very much looks after his own!  However, after this life comes the judgment when men will be begin to ‘most justly’ reap in eternity what they have sown here and now.

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