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Autumn 2011 Issue

The True Disciples of Jesus

My fellow Animal Activists and brothers and sisters in Christ, do not look to organised religion – named Christian or otherwise! – to solve the world’s problems, for they are little more than givers of a veneer of respectability to many past and prevalent practices which stink to high Heaven. Turn instead to impartially read the four accounts of Jesus as contained in your New Testament. See also that where you choose to worship is consistent with the Jesus you read about in those pages. Speak to Jesus heavenly Father in prayer. Seek to share your life with Him. Tell Him you want to know more about Him; and as you talk to Him – yes and sing to Him, if you wish! -  then you’ll find Him as real as this News Letter in front of you. Yes, ‘closer than breathing; indeed closer than hands and feet’

Abraham Lincoln once said (as I’ve mentioned many times before): ‘I never felt the presence of Jesus so close to me as when I knelt down to break the shackles off the feet of slaves. I then felt His hand on my shoulder!’  Similarly, I would say: one never feels the presence of Jesus so close as when one releases a bird from a battery cage, a calf from a veal crate or a laboratory animal from a Frankenstein vivisections hell hole!.  O admittedly, so many who do these latter heroic deeds will not have read a New Testament, but at the judgment day the figurative sheep will be divided from the figurative goats. (I suggest you read all about it in Matthew chapter 25: verses 31-46)

To many a non-believing animal activist in this life, I sense there will come a great surprise: “But who are you Lord; because we never knew you?” And the Good Shepherd’s reply will be: ‘because you did it to the least of one of my creatures, you did it as for me. Enter in to the joy of your Lord!’ Yes, and to some spiritually smug ‘born again’ boasters “not all who say Lord, Lord, will enter in to my kingdom; but rather those who do the will of my Father in Heaven.”

Life is short here on earth, and eternity to follow is long! Let us get our priorities in right order. There is work to be done for our gracious Master. Let us not falter or fail Him. One remembers a delightful evangelical chorus of years past:

Work for Jesus, day by day. Serve Him ever; falter Never. Christ obey. Yield Him service loyal & true. There's a work for Jesus none but you can do!

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