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Spring 2013

Discipleship involves discipline

This past Lent has been a most appropriate season in the church calendar to prepare ones self for such an early Easter. Indeed, it should have been a time for studying ‘the word of God’ and noticing the emphasis it gives for temperance and self denial. Yes, and its constant reference to the needs ‘to subdue fleshly cravings and lusts’ to those of the promptings of the Spirit. However, many Catholic priests who’ve denied themselves the cravings of the palate have hardly denied themselves the cravings of the penis! There are those who have – very sadly - been biblically ‘weighed in the balance and found wanting!’
Oh yes, and before Protestant pastors preen themselves as morally superior, they too will reveal their own form of blinkered hypocrisy by thoughtlessly partaking of intensively reared lamb for their palate, after offering grace to the dear Lamb of God! 

Theologically Liberal groups – such as the Quakers and Anglicanism’s ‘broad church’ contingent – may not be quite as inconsistent as the above. But then, in embracing morally permissive attitudes their teaching frequently becomes at loggerheads with what the New Testament teaches. For example, todays so-called ‘gay’ practices may be widespread and legally acceptable by the state, but in the New Testament they are very clearly forbidden, just as are the practices of adultery, incest and bestiality.
‘Surely ‘same sex marriage’ is no more morally acceptable than is marriage to our beloved and most faithful cat, dog, horse, or other animal? And indeed, as for ‘civil partnerships’, why should financial perks resulting from them be allowed to them and not to other relationships such as those I’ve touched upon, plus other two humans caring for each other? That a past Government should have sanctioned ‘civil partnerships; and that it and the present Coalition should now be ‘pushing through’ ‘same sex marriage’ is dictatorship at its worst. It was not on any mandate, has not been given a public referendum; and is in clear and open opposition to what Christianity has taught throughout all the centuries since Christ rose from the dead!

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