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Spring 2013

Where, indeed, should a caring pastor draw the line?

In a previous Scottish parish I invited a fellow - who in today’s distorted English, most would refer to as ‘gay’! - to be Doreen’s deputy organist. He was a most likeable fellow devoted to an older partner. Yet my appointment hardly went well with some parishioners concerned about vulnerable members in the choir’. Yet Tom Tucker, (truly his name!), was a gem of a fellow. “Do come round for tea Rector!”, he insisted one day “I’d like you to meet a friend who is a solicitor just arrived from London!”
Well I graciously accepted his kind invitation and was soon seated across from a most gorgeous looking blond whom, if I hadn’t been married to Doreen, I might have fallen for myself. “I’m so pleased to meet you” I said, and then stretched across to graciously clasp her hand. Well, imagine the shock when an extremely gruff voice, as if from down in a cellar, replied: “I’m equally pleased to meet you Rector! I’ve heard a lot of gracious things about you.”  Well I could have dropped through the floor. Yes, and down in to the cellar as well!,  
However, I much later learned that not only had ‘she’ been a man who’d recently undergone a sex change, but that her hair was no more than a wig and, was covering a head that was ‘as bald as a badger’s. Consequently, I started having second thoughts: asking myself: ‘how tolerant and non-judgmental should one become? What kind of an example, as Rector am I setting to so many vulnerable youngsters within the parish?
Now why do I mention all this? Well, it’s simply that if folk have the money to spend on themselves, then let them go ahead and have bits chopped off from here and there, or else added on as well!  Yes, but when they become disgruntled and demand that such sex operations be ‘paid for’ via the tax payer, then that is where I draw the line! What is more, how ungrateful folk must surely be when they go around bemoaning the fact that they feel incarcerated within the wrong type of sexual body!
Indeed, why on earth don’t they focus on the high probability that The Almighty – possibly this time round? – could have chosen to put them in to the body of a beetle under a stone; a lobster in a pot; a tiger in a cage; or a monkey in a vivisectionists breeding cage to be used for endless experimentation? Yes, one could go ‘on and on!’ Sufficient to say that ‘the penny has dropped’ for us!’ But for the vast majority of humans on thiis planet, they conveniently prefer not to think along such lines. For, as the familiar saying has it: ‘Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise’  Or is it?

Two recent books I herewith review:

  ‘Animals Betrayed’, by veteran campaigner: Joan Court:

Joan Court has brought out yet another inspiring publication which is very much a run down on some present animal activists. They come from a variety of backgrounds! Indeed, some are humble, gentle souls who are not far from being saints within the movement. They are largely current activists whose concern to get across the cause is so deep as to eclipse their own role within it. Yes, folk who are the very salt of such a varied, loose held movement!
Other personalities, however, appear to be from quite a different breed. They are more akin to loud-mouthed agitators who frequently appear to welcome a prison sentence!  One wonders what other cause they would have affiliated themselves to if there had been no opening in the animal rights world! Their rough, forceful and loud lack of common, every day courtesies, and willingness to clash with the police, may not endear some, But then it takes all sorts to make a world, and the animal cause is one such a world in itself
For revealing a true cross section of those in today’s Animal Activism I feel such a book is quite a gem.  

Published by: Selene Press, 74, Sturton St. Cambridge CB1 2QA (01223 311828) ISBN 978-0-9543
              ‘The Wisdom Of Animals’, by Vernon & Donna Antoinette Coleman

Dr Vernon Coleman is – without any exaggeration – the most profound and equally the most palatable and easy to follow writer I’ve come across. His style is unique to himself, and one of his top specialities is animal welfare. Consequently, this latest publication: ‘The Wisdom Of Animals’, price £10, is a ‘must’ for the desk or library of every balanced minded, serious thinking, animal activist.
Having read this attractively bound hardback, one realises – more than one has ever done before! – the true worth of animals. They are not commodities for research, the palate, the fur trade or any sick sport of man; but, rather, fellow creatures on this planet with much superior insight in so many ways to that of our own. Indeed, I commend such a most timely publication as this, as one for ‘top priority’ reading.
Published by: Blue books, PO Box 639, Weston-Super-Mare. BS23 9ND
ISBN 978-1-899726-27-1

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