LambSpring 2015 - Addendum
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Favourite resting place

One of James’s favourite resting places – the Pet Cemetery in Brynford, Holywell, has been chosen for his memorials.

On the 3rd of June I drove myself up there and met up with two friends, Judi and Bob Hewitt. It was one of those beautiful spring days when the delicate pale green leaves on the trees were in full bloom. It was ethereal. The ducks were enjoying  the water in the pond, and the here and there the sun highlighted the engravings on the graves. A few dogs joined us out of curiosity. We walked up to the Collumbarium,  and Mr. Jason Ward interred James’s ashes in a small mahogany box with gold plate, inside. The plaque was then fixed into place. This was black, and the inscription inscribed  in gold. It looked very nice. Our friends took two photos which you have very kindly posted onto your site.

Flowers were placed nearby and we thought of the very happy moments James had spent here with his beloved animals and ministering to the people.

“Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into your rest.”!

An aid to rest and relax.

One of James’s interests was hypnotherapy.  He certainly believed the Sabbeth Day should be kept Holy. A lot of life’s problems would not exist if society had kept this rule. I thought a nice comfortable form (or bench as they call it here) with arms and a back rest would be ideal to encourage people to sit and stare, relax and look around them at all the lovely things that exist and give their worn out bodies a rest.

Manx Fisherman’s Hymn

Wipe from your brow the sweat and dust of toil,
And in My quiet strength again be strong.

In the weeks ahead this little form will be installed in a sheltered sunny spot in the cemetery grounds for all to enjoy.

See photos: Flowers and Rev. Thompson's memorial plaque
Judi and Bob Hewitt with Doreen Thompson at Rev. Thompson's memorial

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