PrayersA prayer to stop the proposed cull of badgers throughout Wales
Prayers From Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse

We Pray For The Preachers, The Politicians & The Populace Of Wales:

We pray for true Christian leadership: that bishops carrying a shepherd’s crook as their badge of office, may be more willing to lay down their life in caring for sheep than they are, at present, willing to eat them! And we also pray that all priests and pastors may reflect the supreme analogy of Christian compassion: - a shepherd of Bible times prepared to forfeit his own life in rescuing and caring for animals (sheep) that are in difficulties or in pain! Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

We pray for more politicians of virtue than there appear to be of vice! We pray for those willing to seek God’s praise rather than ever pander to the flattery of harsh pressure groups with selfish monetary interests. Indeed, we especially pray that Elin Jones may have the strength of character to speak out against inhumane farming conditions so horribly rife in Wales. And - concerning innocent badgers – may she reveal to us, and posterity, that she has ‘a heart of compassion’ rather than ‘a pump of stone’.

Lord in your mercy. Hear our prayer

For the every day people and populace, we ask for their return to a godly life and a spiritual renewal; so that animals can live in safety under the guardianship of caring humans. That farmers, and others, who sing so lustily in chapel on Sunday the 23rd psalm, may emulate its message throughout the week that follows. Yes, that the strongest and most influential species on earth – humanity! - may sacrificially battle to protect all weaker forms of life beneath it, rather than sadistically appear to exploit them as at present!. Lord in your mercy: Hear our prayer

Finally, we pray for ourselves as protestors against animal cruelty. That we may always manifest courtesy as well as courage in our zeal. Yes, breeding as well as boldness. And, like the ‘Good Shepherd Himself’ (Jesus), ‘the gentleness of the lamb’ as well as ‘the boldness of the lion’. And – most important of all! - the wisdom to know in each situation, which of these should come first

Lord in your mercy: accept these our prayers.


Rev. James Thompson

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