PrayersPrayer Concerning Porton Down
Prayers From Animal Padre's Christians Against All Animal Abuse

By Rev. James Thompson

After each numbered petition - except 7 - priest says: 'Lord have mercy’ & people reply: ‘Christ have mercy’

1 Gracious Father we pray this day for the animals intensively reared so callously - and all so as to be cruelly experimented upon - within this government approved 7,000 acre site of Porton Down. An establishment as legally accepted as were the gas chambers and experimental blocks of a past Third Reich

2 Dear God, how members of the human race can stoop to callously breed defenceless creatures for the sole purpose of future torture, is beyond our human comprehension. We're simply told that such evil practices, in the experimentation of biological warfare, occur here in Porton Down upon a daily basis; and for these defenceless animals about to be horrendously exploited we, therefore, offer to Thee our heartfelt prayers.

3 Father, we realize that preparation for war can be a necessary evil and that a nation needs to defend itself from future aggressors. But we also know that no one - whatever the ultimate motives might be - can ever conquer evil by the furtherance of it. Yes, by inflicting it upon weaker life than one's own. We know that the moral barometer of any nation is reflected in the way it treats or God forbid? - Mistreats weaker forms of life than its own.

4 Oh' God, how some of the employees of Porton Down can reconcile their hourly abuse of animals, with family life which involves, not least. the nurturing of their offspring along lines of love and virtue is beyond our comprehension. Grant us, however, the Grace not to unduly judge them; but always to realise that 'there, but for the grace of God, go I

5 We pray. Dear Father, that the consciences of all involved in grotesque abuses of weaker and more vulnerable life than theirs, may be awakened through the visitations of the night, so as to awaken to the just horror of what they have already sown; realizing that they will, inevitably, reap the same, as clearly as night follows day. For what they have 'meted out to other lives will return in full measure upon themselves.‘

6 Dear Lord, grant to the Vivisectors of this establishment a heart of flesh in place of a heart of stone. Yes, and a willingness to accept in the next life a purgatorial cleansing through future existences justifiably appropriate. For though tempered with mercy, and blest by the knowledge of Thy forgiveness, we are all told that we must reap what we have sown.

7 Indeed, we pray for the cathedral, the churches and worshippers of the Diocese of Salisbury who allow such macabre and cruel practices to be perpetrated on their doorstep, and yet turn a blind eye to it all - just as ‘respectable' Germans did who lived near Nazi concentration camps by keeping their mouths shut, yet still attending church on Sundays!

(P. 'From such blatant hypocrisy' R. 'May the Good Lord deliver us')

8 Lord, this time round You have placed our lives into a human body - next time round we may not be as fortunate for You have created far more animals and insects than You have humans! - so show us how privileged we are, and the grave responsibility that hangs over each of our heads. For only as humans have we the ability to 'make or mar' the creation over which You have called us to be faithful guardians, protectors and carers of 'lesser' lives than our own.

9 May we take up the challenge to boldly be a mouthpiece for the defenceless of every species, realizing that the more vulnerable they are then the more needful they are of our care and protection. To this end, bless each activist here today for they are surely the very salt of the earth.

10 Good Shepherd, Thou who didst chose to be bom amongst the animals; whose birth announcement by angels was singled out to animal carers in Bethlehem; and who grew up to identify Yourself with those prepared to forfeit their lives for the welfare of even a single sheep; Good Shepherd, Lamb of God, bless our witness this day. But of more importance still: bless the animals incarcerated within this hell-hole


Be A Christian; Oppose Evil!

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