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From 13 March 2005 Issue

Do Animals Have Rights, and Does It Matter if They Don't?
Mylan Engel, Jr.

March 9, 2005
Contact: Chris Brunn
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EarthSave Chicago and Loyola Campus Greens will host Mylan Engel, Jr., Associate Professor of Philosophy at Northern Illinois University, past president of the Illinois Philosophical Association and Executive Secretary of the Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals. In his lecture, "Do Animals Have Rights, and Does It Matter if They Don't?", Professor Engel will critically examine ethical arguments for and against animal rights, and the implications of these argument where human treatment of animals is concerned.

It is generally agreed that human beings have rights, including a right to life and a right not to be harmed, and that, as a result, it is wrong to kill innocent human beings and also wrong to cause them to suffer unnecessarily. Many people think that animals also have rights, including a right to life and a right not to be harmed. These people contend that raising animals in confinement and killing them for food violates these animals' rights and that, therefore, morality demands that we not eat meat or other animal products. Others contend that it is permissible to kill and eat animals provided that they are raised and slaughtered humanely. Professor Engel, a specialist in epistemology, philosophy of religion, animal ethics, and environmental ethics, will take us on a guided tour of the animal rights debate, so that we can decide for ourselves whether animals have rights and whether we owe animals any moral consideration when deciding how we should act.

Where & When
Professor Engel will speak in the Rubloff Auditorium, 25 East Pearson, Chicago, IL, at Loyola University's Water Tower campus from 7-8:15 P.M., Monday 11 April 2005. Q&A will follow from 8:15 to 9:00 P.M. A campus map is available at

This event is free and is open to the public.

Professor Engel has written a number of papers on animal and environmental ethics including: "The Consistency Argument for Ethical Vegetarianism," "The Mere Considerability of Animals," "Moral Individualism and Our Duties to Animals," "Nonegalitarian Humane Moralism, or How to Have Your Speciesism and Eat Your Tofu, Too," "Animal Agriculture and the Environment," "Aristotle, Darwin, and Morality: Expanding Our Sphere of Concern," and "Hunger, Duty, and Ecology: What We Owe Starving Humans."

He has also taught courses in Animal Ethics at: Northern Illinois University; University of Innsbruck (Austria); and University of Maribor (Slovenia); and given lectures on animal ethics at numerous universities including: Ball State University; University of Mainz (Germany); University of Graz (Austria); Northwestern University; University of Illinois at Chicago; Indiana University; University of Ljubljana (Slovenia); Elgin Community College; Western Illinois University; North Carolina State University; and Southern Methodist University.

More information about Professor Engel at:
EarthSave Chicago | PO Box 477898, Chicago, IL 60647
[email protected]

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