1000+ Italian Activists Liberate Beagle Puppies in Daylight Raid
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April 2012

[Ed. Note Good news update as of July 18, 2012: Italy's Green Hill, beagle breeding compound, seized]

On April 28th, World Day for Animals in Laboratories, Italian animal liberation activists staged a daylight raid of the Green Hill Breeders complex in Northern Italy, freeing 25 to 40 beagles in the process. All but one of the dogs are puppies.

Green Hill, owned by Marshall Farms Inc., is one of the largest European breeding facilities for nonhuman animals bred for vivisection. Green Hill, which sells “purpose bred” dogs for up to $1,200, keeps 2,500 dogs on site at any given time and harbors ambitions of expanding its facilities to contain 5,000.

Green Hill breeds dogs to order for customers like Huntingdon Life Sciences, who can pay for extra for “features,” like dogs with their vocal chords removed so they cannot scream when experimented upon.

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