2009 Seal Hunt Makes its First 19,000 Kills
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Scott Maniquet, NationalPost, Canada
March 2009

The 2009 Canadian Harp Seal Hunt began on Tuesday; by Thursday 19,000 seals had been skinned for their pelts; how many other injured seals there may have been are not included in these counts.

The first phase of Canada's annual seal hunt has just ended on Quebec's Magdalen Islands.

The hunters bagged 19,411 seals to reach their quota. According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the total allowable catch for this season is 280,000 seals, out of a herd of close to 5.6 million.

While an official described the hunt as "calm and orderly," there were the usual cluster of protests around the world. Canada, Greenland and Norway are the only remaining countries with a commercial seal hunt.

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