Animal Practice TV Show Abusing Capuchin, Crystal, Canceled
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October 2012 ~ Animal Practice TV Show Abusing Capuchin, Crystal, Canceled

capuchin Crystal

There is nothing funny about animal cruelty for the sake of entertainment, especially NBC’s humorless sitcom ‘Animal Practice’ which we are pleased to announce has been canceled. Set in a veterinary office the show had several animal actors including Crystal, the unhappy capuchin monkey pictured here. November 7th will mark the final airing.

Crystal has been described as the shows “highest testing character” but all the charisma in the world does not translate into humane conditions for primates used in entertainment. Primates are intelligent, social mammals who in nature would live in complex societies where they show co-operation and compassion within their extended family. With performing animals, the baby is removed from its family and taught to depend upon the human trainer for social contact, nourishment, and approval; this ensures dependence, control and obedience. They often live in barren environments, where they remain until wanted for a performance. As a result, social deprivation and stress are inevitable consequences and it can be seen when the animals develop abnormal behaviors.

ADI’s undercover investigations have shown that typically any discipline or abuse of captive animals used for entertainment tends to occur off set and behind the scenes, while the animals are being trained or kept isolated in their cages. They are trained to do tricks and their compliance may be gained through withdrawal of food, water or affection. Audiences can’t be assured by ‘no animals were harmed’ endorsements because those guidelines only cover what happens on set.

ADI is asking audiences to walk away from entertainment that uses animals, including TV shows and movies with animal actors, and is calling on studios like NBC to look toward using CGI – computer generated imagery – and other advanced technology to replace the use of animals in advertisement, television and movies.

What you can do:

If you see performing wild animals in TV shows, films or advertising campaigns object and let ADI know. Animals aren't props and they don't choose to be "actors."

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