Dialogue, Not Dominance, Wins Over Dogs - And Saves Their Lives, Too
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


SBH Clay
November 2005


Moore is your prototypical independent, out-of-the-box thinker. She is always watching, listening, analyzing, examining. Always looking for something new to learn -- from the dogs. And always her motive is the same: to benefit the dogs. Faced with the most stumping problems, she observes a dog's behavior as long as necessary and then comes up with creative, successful solutions. She can do this because she is not shy about questioning --and fearlessly flouting – most traditional beliefs, assumptions, theories and practices of the dog training community. Moore realized early on that too many conventional training methods don't work. That is, they don't permanently and completely eradicate bad behavior, and they definitely don’t build a dog’s confidence and peace of mind. But what she has learned directly from the dogs does, of course, work. For example, they have taught her that it isn't the human in a dog-human partnership who is the first to talk. It's actually the dog who speaks first. He asks a question, then waits for an answer that he can understand. With that understanding, and his owner's praise for obediently implementing his understanding, comes his self-assurance, his inner peace.

Peace and trust can be restored. The Bassett had been labeled "dog aggressive."

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