Human Crimes Against Animals, Part 14f - Factory Farming, Sheep and Wool
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Dave Bernazani

Treatment & transport to middle east (from Australia, New Zealand & other developed countries)– sheep are shipped under inhumane conditions (often for weeks with little to no food & water) and arrive sick and dying, only to be treated even worse there.

sheep live export

During the last 30 years, Australia has sent more than 150 million sheep and cattle to be slaughtered in other parts of the world, such as the Middle East and South East Asia. Livestock ships can carry up to 100,000 animals for voyages lasting up to 3 weeks.

More than 2 million animals have died on these ships en route, deaths deemed an ‘acceptable’ loss by an industry that puts profit above all else.

Investigations conducted by Animals Australia in Middle Eastern countries have exposed the terrible cruelties inflicted upon Australian animals in these countries. Most importing countries have not one single law to protect animals’’ welfare. Once in the Middle East, Australian sheep are routinely purchased, bound, and shoved into car boots in a region where temperatures reach 50E°C in summer. Both sheep and cattle have their throats cut whilst fully conscious, suffering prolonged, distressing and painful deaths.

mulesing wool cruelty

Australian sheep farmers also engage in the horrific practice of “mulesing”, in which large chunks of skin and flesh are cut from their backsides without any pain relief, supposedly to prevent “flystrike”, or flies laying eggs on the sheep.

Who’s fighting it: The impressive list of organizations includes (but is certainly not limited to) HSUS, Peta, Farm Sanctuary, Vegan Outreach, ALDF, United Poultry Concerns, Vegan Voice, Animal Aid (U.K.), Earthsave Canada, Animals Australia, IDA, Compassion Over Killing, Animal Place Sanctuary and Education Center, RSPCA Australia, PeacefulPrarie, Animals Australia, ALV (Au.), SAFE (NZ), Meat-Free Media (N.Z.), Aukland Animal Action, ARLAN (Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network N.Z.),Farmed Animal Watch, PALE (People Against Live Exports- Australia), PAWS (People & Animal Welfare Society), PACAT (People Against Cruelty in Animal Transport- Australia), WSPA, Animal Rights Africa, Compassion in World Farming, Mercy for Animals, WLPA (World League for the Protection of Animals), Vier Pfoten (Four Paws- Austria), Equanimal (Spain),,,, Viva! (U.K), The Humane Leagues, ActiVeg, The Vegan Society, FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement), Compassionate Cooks, Vegan Campaigns (U.K.), Herbivore Magazine, AnimalRightStuff, Veganica, Vegan Radio, Animal Voices radio, VeggieVision & Animals Matter TV and many, many more, such as the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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