Human Crimes Against Animals, Part 22 - Laboratory Vivisection/Experimentation/Testing
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Dave Bernazani

(global) – Conditions almost too nightmarish to list: abuse, neglect, under-confinement, painful, often pointless tests (such as nicotine studies, variations on existing drugs, pain tests, etc.), no socialization, no freedom, almost always killed when finished tests.

Who’s fighting it: Project R&R, IDA, ALF, HSUS, Peta, the Great Ape Project, the Jane Goodall Institute, ALV,, Defenders of Wildlife, PSYETA, AWI, Ape Alliance, ALDF, Animal Aid, Primarily Primates sanctuary, Friends of Animals, Born Free USA, American Anti-Vivisection Society, Anti-Vivisection Western Australia, Animal Rights Africa, British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, Compassion Over Killing, European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, Uncaged (U.K.),


The two worst laboratories are probably Covance and Huntingdon. They are so bad there are websites dedicated solely to exposing the horrors of the two companies. Many of the household products you buy are tested in these labs, in ridiculous ways such as dripped on the eyes of rabbits (which have no tear ducts to flush away the chemicals) or injected directly into small mammals until 50% of them die horrible deaths. Here are some excerpts from these websites:

HUNTINGDON and COVANCE: The worst of the worst
In the past few years HLS have been infiltrated and exposed time and time again by journalists, animal rights campaigners and members of the public. Also a number of companies that breed lab animals for HLS have been exposed as well as their clients. Every single time vicious animal cruelty, fraud, incompetence and rule breaking has been exposed on a large scale. HLS workers have been caught on camera punching animals in the face and falsifying test data, they have been caught dealing illegal substances on company premises and workers have been drunk at work and killing animals due to neglect.

At Covance, animal technicians called the head veterinarian “Mr. Let’s Wait and See.” The primate staff--even those who were, themselves, often cruel to the monkeys--complained repeatedly about a young monkey with a broken arm being left untreated in his cage for four days. Apparently, “Mr. Let’s Wait and See,” the head vet at Covance, didn’t know what to do about the bone break, and so he waited for a junior veterinarian to return from her time off. The junior vet immediately ordered the animal euthanized as the break was too severe to repair. She discovered and disclosed that the head veterinarian had given the baby monkey a drug that had little more effect than that of an aspirin for his unimaginable pain.

Other Documented Horrors for Animals at Covance

  • Striking and choking “uncooperative” monkeys
  • Screaming curses at frightened, sick monkeys
    Slamming monkeys into their cages after they’ve had dosing tubes rammed down their throats
  • Hosing down cages with monkeys still inside, soaking the animals
  • A loose monkey terrorized by a technician who slams cages into walls to scare the animal out of hiding
  • Monkeys with chronic rectal prolapses-painful protrusions of the intestines through the rectum-resulting from constant stress and diarrhea
  • Monkeys who died horribly in tests for a drug company-the veterinarian was forbidden to examine them or provide any treatment, including euthanasia
  • Small monkeys dosed with large tubes forced up their nostrils and down into their stomachs, causing choking, gagging, and daily bloody noses
  • Monkey self-mutilation resulting from Covance’s failure to provide psychological enrichment and socialization
  • Injuries left untreated until they became necrotic
Recent progress: Spain banned the use of great apes in experimentation 2008. PETA is continuously getting more and more companies to stop animals testing, especially cosmetics and household products, and the EU has current legislation to phase out cosmetic testing. You can make a big difference: please go online for lists of companies that DO and DON’T test on animals. There is even at least one new app you can download onto your iPhone for easy reference. Every purchase you make can help, or stop, animals from being tortured in labs.

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