Human Crimes Against Animals, Part 25, Polar and Grizzly Bear (And Other) Trophy Hunting
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Dave Bernazani

(America and Canada, brown bear hunting in Europe, trophy hunting global)– I was shocked to learn that killing polar bears for “fun” is legal even today. Wealthy Americans can (and do) blast away at Canada’s priceless great white and grizzly bears– not for food, just for trophies and skins, after chasing and tiring them down with dogs and/or helicopters. There are even websites advertising it, as well as for hunting Romania’s few remaining bears.

trophy hunting bears

Hunters will look for the largest, healthiest specimens to kill. This is the opposite of natural selection, where the oldest and weakest are culled by natural processes. This creates an imbalanced, unhealthy population which further endangers the species and harms the already strained fragile ecosystems.

trophy hunting bears

Sarah Palin’s administration pushed to get polar bears off the endangered list here in the U.S., thus making it legal to hunt them in Alaska, and opening up their refuges to oil drilling. Please spread the word that Sarah Palin would NOT make a compassionate political candidate. She does not care about you, only about money and satisfying her own lust for power and blood. If she were in office all the nonhuman animals of the United States would all face setbacks in their protection. She would be worse than Cheney; she has shown a real love of killing, and I fear for what would become of our nation’s precious remaining wildlife with her in office.

Who’s fighting it: HSUS, Defenders of Wildlife, International Fund for Animal Welfare,, Humane Society International Canada, Big Wildlife, ATAAC (Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty)

Recent progress: The U.S. has banned the import of polar bear parts being brought into the country by wealthy Americans who like killing for fun; however the Safari Club has sued the government for the right to do so. We shall see what happens on this front.

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