Victory for Massachusetts Greyhounds
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May 2009

After your week-long lobbying effort, the Massachusetts State Senate today overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to prolong greyhound racing for two more years.

This victory is due to the hard work of thousands of volunteers across the state who contacted their State Senators and asked for a NO vote. To everyone who helped, congratulations!

Also, send an e-mail to Senate President Therese Murray thanking her for her support. Even though she did not vote, she stated last night that she did not support efforts to undermine the will of the voters on Question 3.

Rest assured that we will remain vigilant and fight any further attempts to undermine the Greyhound Protection Act. Together, we will ensure that the cruelty of dog racing ends on December 31st!

Visit our image gallery to see how Greyhounds are abused for "entertainment."

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