Keep your cat(s) indoors!
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Linda Matthews, A Humane Life
July 2016

Always keep your cat(s) indoors. It is so much better for your pet and also better for the birds and small wildlife in your area.

A horrendous number of songbirds are slaughtered by cats each year. It has become an enormous problem as more people acquire cats as pets and let them roam. Think of our beautiful feathered friends and keep them safe.

Also, roaming outdoors subjects your cat to all sorts of dangers. So many pets are hit and injured or killed on the roads. Also, fights with other animals can seriously injure or kill your cat. When bitten by another feline, the wound will almost certainly abscess, requiring expensive treatment. Cat bites are more prone to abscess than dog bites. Hopefully, you have spayed/neutered your cat.

Both females and males roaming looking for mates causes them to be hit and exposes them to other dangers. Also, kittens younger than eight weeks are the number one animal euthanized in shelters, as before they are weaned, extensive care to required to bottle-feed and otherwise care for them and many shelters lack the manpower to do this.

So, please have an indoor kitty to ensure a long, healthy life!

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