'Kitten Season' is No Reason to Celebrate
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The National Humane Education Society (NHES)
June 2015

The melodious singing of birds, flowers getting ready to don their vibrant colors, trees preparing to awaken from their slumber and the sounds of baby animals all announce that spring is here!

Spring shares with us these new and exciting moments, but there is also a somber side to it as well - the birth of too many kittens.

Currently, pet overpopulation is a serious problem in the United States. It is imperative that as caretakers of our environment we spay and neuter our companion cats and feral ones as well.

Domestic cats can breed often and in large numbers. A single unspayed female can begin having kittens at four months of age, and can have as many as four litters per year.

At The Briggs Animal Adoption Center (BAAC), a program of The National Humane Education Society, kitten rescuing has already begun. Phil, a pure black kitten, and Lil, a tabby kitten, were under a week old when they came to BAAC after being found by someone's dog. These precious little bundles have a 50/50 survival rate. They are being lovingly cared for by an employee at BAAC. Their care regimen includes bottle feeding every two hours, stimulating and cleaning of urine and bowel movements, nurturing contact and a heating pad for warmth. Caring for newborn kittens is not for the faint of heart.

Please educate others by making them aware of the loving care that kittens will need if they are found by an animal or abandoned. If you have a big heart and are willing to foster homeless kittens, please contact your local animal shelter or rescue group. And above all, make sure that all pets in your care are spayed or neutered in order to prevent homeless and orphaned animals in your community.

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For more, please visit Animal Organizations Providing Rescue, Placement and Information.

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