Are Too Many of Us Myth-Led?
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FROM Craig Cline
May 2018

There’s an ELEPHANT CAT in the room. Actually, the cat is not in the room. The cat is outside—and that’s a major problem not only for the cat, but also for other creatures—especially birds and small mammals.

hatchling sparrows
Hatchling Tree Swallows—orphaned after their mother was killed by a cat

What follows are some discussion points—based on quantifiable facts and findings by people who have studied “the issues” surrounding cats.

I’m a “cat lover”myself. My wife and I have always had a domestic cat in our lives. I’m also an “animal lover” in general; a term which includes both domesticated “companion animals” and Mother Nature’s “other animals.”
Most people, if asked whether they deem themselves to be animal lovers, will say “Yes.” Let’s accept that self-description and, logically, include birds and small mammals in the mix. We commonly refer to these various creatures as “wildlife.”

Naturally, most of us would want to make sure “our” wildlife doesn’t become the innocent victims of injury or death. But truth be told, there’s a huge problem plaguing wildlife—one that all of us cat and animal lovers should work together to try to fix.

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