Major Settlement Helps Save Toads, Fight Climate Change
An Environmental Article from


Center for Biological Diversity
May 2017

Some good news for endangered arroyo toads and other species, as well as our climate: The Center and allies have secured a legal agreement over a Southern California development that will combat the project's carbon footprint and require permanent, significant wildlife-protection measures.

The precedent-setting settlement -- reached Friday over the massive "Tapestry" development planned for Hesperia, Calif. -- protects more than 1,070 acres of wildlands, connects open spaces through wildlife corridors, and removes threats to arroyo toads like off-road vehicles and cattle.

It also requires the generation of 2 kilowatts of rooftop solar energy for every 1,000 square feet of development -- which, beyond the obvious climate benefits, will set a standard that future developers can, and should, follow to meet California's climate change goals.

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