Legal Advocacy Highlights from Compassion Over Killing (COK) in 2016
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Compassion Over Killing (COK)
December 2016 ~ Legal Advocacy Highlights from COK in 2016

dairy industry fraud

For the past decade, Compassion Over Killing has been on the front lines, strategically developing - and establishing - legal advocacy for farm animals into a thriving field.

Thanks to your vital support in our shared mission to build a more just world for all animals, we've been bringing about meaningful advancements each year, and 2016 is no exception!

Here are some legal advocacy highlights you've enabled COK to achieve this year:

  • Conducting the initial research, COK helped form a class action lawsuit against Big Dairy for killing cows to inflate prices. The case settled and industry will now pay consumers $52M!
  • Also in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, COK argued why the FDA should mandate truth in egg labeling, including full disclosure of "eggs from caged hens."
  • COK is also urging the USDA to protect consumers from misleading claims (ie. "humane" or "animal-friendly") on other food products.

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