Anti-Vivisection: The Pro-Health Solution
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FROM Dr. Les Stewart
November 2020

Originally published in The Animals Voice Magazine, December 1989

We challenge vivisection as unintelligent, immoral, unscientific and fiscally unsound.

The anti-vivisection movement is concerned with human and animal well-being alike. We are anti-vivisection health advocates, capable of determining the merit of medical research and we support scientific inquiry when legitimately conducted in an ethical, intelligent and pertinent manner. Such is not the case with vivisection.

Those that condone vivisection have defended their privileged domain and exploitation of animals as a necessary requirement in the resolution of conditions of human disease. We challenge that premise as unintelligent, immoral, unscientific and fiscally unsound.

Well-known institutions such as the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles have constructed the most horrifying prisons on earth from which there is no escape. Behind locked laboratory doors, animals are brutalized while breeding farms and public pounds provide an endless supply of innocent victims. The frightened involuntary animal subject suffers immensely. One primary reason is that clauses in animal protection laws allow vivisectors to reduce or withhold anesthetics if incompatible with the purpose of an experiment. How is this possible, particularly at a respected institution? The unfortunate transformation from the questioning student to compliant, desensitized "investigator" is complete and rarely reversible through the indoctrination process in which acts of violence are professionally condoned and socially sanctioned. And so it is that curiosity replaces decency and common sense....



Dr. Les Stewart was a practicing dentist in Calabasas, CA, and a member of Last Chance for Animals - a direct action, anti-vivisection organization. Les died in April of 2009.

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